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Make smarter real estate decisions.

We produce house-specific repeat-sales indexes. These demonstrate how the value of each house has changed through the passage of time. With accurate, individual, house-price indexes, we produce true home-price forecasts that can be used to make smarter real estate decisions.  We invite you to learn how you can use our unique tools to make these smarter decisions.

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Smart Decisions for Investors

Price appreciation is key to total portfolio return. Houses for sale are scored by a home price forecast; this allows you to choose the homes that are most likely to appreciate. Market cluster analysis enables you to identify price appreciation of market slices.

Smart Decisions for Media Professionals

In-depth information and interactive visuals help you deliver relevant real estate market insights to your audience.  View market trends in the precise market you wish to report on displayed as line graphs, color coded maps and market price change rankings.

Smart Decisions for Homeowners / Homebuyers

The individual house price trend you need is available to help make savvy decisions about when to buy or sell your house. The trend makes it clear which homes for sale are safer from a downturn and more likely to appreciate.



See Our Market Reports

For each home address you provide you will receive the relevant price index.

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View Our Market Maps

Define your market segment by geography, price, age, size, and other factors.

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Learn Your Home's Value Trend

Discover your home’s appreciation rate. Make buy/sell decisions on market trends of specific houses, streets, and towns.

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